Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AnitaGia Munaji Salamat

tq GIA, make us all proud ok gia ;) - by Deejay Ibumisali

ok now let get to know more about gia here we go...
She a wellknown singapore Bloggers, businesswoman, a tourist guide also actress/host for event and she was so lucky which she was selected among few ppl from singapore and been sponsor to go and further her study (tourist) to learn the calture and also language in colombia for 5 month... wahhh all been sponsor seyy :D, somewhere after Hari Raya this year (July) she fly to Colombia send by her family, close friends and fans, i meet her inperson and all i can say is that.. she is a happy going girl with a big heart and dream, with all her hard work look what she achieve in her life

she have her own live talk show in face book which she used this platform to talk, communicate, sharing and also giving opinion on the topic they talk/discuss, more 11k viewer watch her page & video
with her fans,  almost about all topics,  and her viewers listen n watch her video every day
While she in colombia she still keep posting new topic and share her journey n her daily life there, with video, beautiful picture and this is something that we as singaporean should be proud of her and give support to bloggers like her.
representing singapore to colombia is something that she never dream of, and she was happy to be the chosen one wowww clap2 you go girl :D,  anyway guys pls give some love to her and do add her page at SSS SUARA SEXY SHOW Dgn GIA,  support her so she will keep on inpiring others, we proud of you girl keep it up with the things you do, our doa will always with u, all the best and 'moga Allah lindungi gia di sana dan selamat pergi dan kembali ke tanah air..amin' 

btw gia thank you for wearing LuahanRasa T shirt :D u look cute tho, click here to watch her
share her receipe nyumm nyummm CLICK HERE

ps: sorry kalau ada terbroken english tak sempat nak edit :D alkisah......
im still writing & uploading for this page SABAR ok ;)

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