Monday, December 24, 2012

Radio LuahanRasa.FM in SHOUTcast

Now you can hear us in Shoutcast, just follow this instruction as below..

1. Go to your Mobile & IPAD Apps Store and search for Shoutcast.
it will appear -> SHOUTcast Radio (click to download player on ur mobile & IPAD)

2. Once the SHOUTcast is download and appear on your mobile and IPAD*Click to go in the programme

click on 'Stations' type on search box
It will appear > 'Radio LuahanRasa.FM (if that the correct LuahanRasa.FM radio you want, click to hear

On the left site there a blank 'star' click on it 'yellow' to save as favourite, there you have it now as your favourite radio and that it, so everytime you want to hear LuahanRasa.FM radio just click on your winamplayer

Do it now! so that you can hear LuahanRasa.FM anywhere you go, LuahanRasa.FM will always be with close to you, good luck and enjoy LuahanRasa.FM 'Listen till you drop' or 'Dengarkan sampai tergolek..'

Tips by - Deejay Ibumisali

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