Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zaleha Hamid - RATU DANGDUT

Bio: Zaleha Hamid- legendary singer from Singapore has always had an impressive and powerful vocal range. She began singing from an early age. According to the liner notes on "Rough Guide to Music of Malaysia", Zaleha Hamid started out singing songs in an Indian classical style : "Zaleha Hamid was in a ghazal group before turning her attention to singing other Malay traditional styles and dangdut, the Indian and Arabic street music that emerged in Indonesia in the late 1960s". (ghazal is a poetic form and musical style which most frequently deals with the subject of love and separation) Her early pop records were shared with her sister Siti Khatijah, who had an equally unique vocal style. Zaleha Hamid also performed many duets with other singers. Zaleha Hamid has always been accompanied by the best and most innovative pop-psych bands from Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia.

Among the bands that she performed with were The Black Cats, Orkes Zindegi (zindegi = 'life' in Hindi), The Sandpipers and The Stylers. She recorded many records with the band Orkes Zindegi (Life Band) and was very popular throughout the golden psychadelic years (60an , 70an). Later on, she embarked as a solo artist, recording many 'asli' (traditional Malay) and 'dangdut' (an Indonesian style/rhythm) songs. In 1995, she cut a dangdut album called "Dangdut, Bang!" (Let's Go Dangdut, My Dear!) but it turned out to be a controversy due to the sexually suggestive elements of the lyrics, resulting in a ban on almost half of the songs listed. Just recently, she made a comeback album - but so far there has been little publicity about it. She still performs many concerts every year especially around Malaysia and Singapore and she remains widely popular throughout the world. She has remained very active- appearing on Malaysian TV, performing large wedding parties, and making occasional celebrity appearances at pop nostalgia/reunion concerts along with artists like Ismail Haron.

Temuramah kak Zaleha Hamid oleh dj Ibumisali
pada: 30 Oct 2011  jam: 2.30ptg di Tanjong katong Shopping Ctr

LR.FM - kebetulan kak leha ada show di situ, sempatlah mencelah sekejap untuk temuramah, persembahan kak leha hari tu memang best sangat, beliau masih lagi ligat dan suara masih macam dulu suka tgk dia menari dan menyanyi, kak leha pernah mendapat gelaran RATU DANGDUT pada suatu ketika dulu dan hingga kini beliau masih lagi di jemput untuk show2 dan membuat persempahan di dalam dan luar negeri, sorang yang ceria dan kelakar bila berbicara mesti tergelak, kak leha memang sporting habis, peramah orangnya, Lr.FM doakan moga kak leha sihat2 selalu dan terus giat dalam dunia seni suara lebih2 lagi dangdut dan asli salute kak leha.. dan ceria selalu dengan apa yang di kerjakan amin.

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